World Wide Jelly Week will launch Community Jelly

Community jelly is going to use Jelly Week 2013 to launch a new form of Jelly designed to encourage co-working and skill sharing between professionals in the Third Sector so keep checking our Calendar and Blogs for details. You can also subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on twitter and Facebook. Find out more about Worldwide Jelly Week below…

It’s exciting and a new beginning. You can register to the next WORLDWIDE JELLYWEEK, which takes place from 14th to 20th January 2013 all over the world. Everybody, who likes to explore collaboration with his local community and who wishes to connect with collaborative people from all over the world is invited to join the adventure.

In the last WORLDWIDE JELLYWEEK in January 2012 there were 223 jellies hosted in 35 countries in 6 continents including Brazil, Japan, New Zealand, Columbia, Egypt, Kenia, Singapore, Kasachstan, USA and most of the European countries. It was a breathtaking experience to build up more personal connections on a global level, to inspire old and new local communities, to explore together the sense and obstacles of worldwide collaboration and to connect other sectors and movements with the worldwide coworking infrastructure. It was all about creating new synergies, a huge win-win-situation for all participants and a rich field of open innovation for networks worldwide.


3 thoughts on “World Wide Jelly Week will launch Community Jelly

  1. Hi

    Thanks so much for sharing this, it’s the first I’ve heard of Worldwide Jelly Week, and we definitely want to be part of it!

    Brierley Hill Jelly (near Dudley in the West Midlands) was launched 2 months ago, I’m actually writing while at our third Jelly. Because two of our three organisers are voluntary sector (I work in voluntary sector infrastructure and Marc is the Director of a carer’s charity, our Jelly events have been promoted widely across the sector in Dudley and are proving popular.

    We were really keen to involve our colleagues from the public sector too, and Lorna Reid, our other co-host, works for Dudley MBC and helped to raise the profile of Jelly among council staff.

    We rely on connections through Hub Stourbridge ( to link to people who might be expected at Jelly gatherings and I’m sure when Hub Stourbridge start Stourbridge Jelly there will be a beautiful blend of sectors involved.

    In the meantime, we are verging on being a bit of a Community Jelly here in Brierley Hill. I love the idea of Community Jelly. I’d be happy to share reflections and feedback from our launch and subsequent events here if it’s of interest. I’m also happy to share our planning document with anyone setting up a Community Jelly.

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